Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To Know Christ and Make Christ Known.

(The congregation named this Vision around the year 2000, and it helps keep our eyes ‘on the horizon’ of where we are going)

Our Mission

Witnessing to God’s love for the world from the Main Street to the Paddock

(We named this Mission in 2018 and it guides the decisions we will make in the next 5-10 years)

Our Priorities

With God’s help, we will:

  • BE a loving community
  • FOLLOW the Way of Jesus
  • WORSHIP passionately
  • SHARE our stories; and
  • SERVE the World that God loves.

(These are the ways we seek to live out our Mission. Each of our ministries seeks to give expression to at least one of these priorities)

Our Principles

1.    God is relational
2.    Jesus the Christ, in his life, death and resurrection, is the beginning of a new order of righteousness and love
3.    Christ’s mission of reconciliation and renewal is directed toward the whole of creation
4.    The Church, as the body of Christ, exists as a servant and instrument of this mission.
5.    The unity of the Church is a God-given gift grounded in the Lordship of Christ
6.    God has given the gift of the Spirit to all people in the Church to enable their participation in God’s mission to the world.

(Drawing on the Basis of Union and broader theology, these principles help us think about why and how we serve the Mission we do. A more detailed explanation of these principles is available here.)