Epiphany (Jan-Feb) 2018

At Crookwell Uniting Church, our worship follows a pattern of readings called the Revised Common Lectionary. This is a three year cycle of readings which allows us to hear a broad variety of Scripture. Each year of the cycle one of the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) becomes the centre of focus for the Lectionary, with the Gospel according to John used throughout for Holy Days.

This year in the Church Calendar (Dec 2017-November 2018) we will be journeying through the Gospel according to Mark. To help us prepare for this year, we will spend some intentional time during the season of Epiphany (which runs from 7 Jan – 13 Feb) reading through the Gospel of Mark. You are welcome to join us in this!


To help with your reading and exploring of Mark, we have attached two resources that we hope will be helpful. The first is a Bookmark with daily readings for the book of Mark from 7 Jan-13 Feb (with some days set aside for catching up, because life happens). The second resource is a quick ‘infosheet’ about the Gospel of Mark. This doesn’t cover everything, but is intended to help you in your reading of the text. Please feel free to print either of these at home, or collect them in worship with us over the coming weeks.

2018 Epiphany – Mark Readings Bookmark

Intro to Gospel of Mark

If you feel like reading more about the Gospel of Mark, I’d recommend starting with this helpful reflection by Matt Skinner at WorkingPreacher.org.