Welcome to Crookwell Uniting Church. We are a community of faith in the Upper Lachlan Council area of the NSW Southern Tablelands.

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Trial of Sermon Recordings

I have had a few members of the congregation request that I record my sermons for those who like to relisten to ponder in their own time. Recording sermons also makes sense in a multicentre congregation, where not every location has a service every week. As such, I started trialling recording my sermon today. This […]

What gives you hope?

Winter has well and truly arrived after our overnight freezes last weekend. It seems like perfect weather to wrap yourself up in a blanket in front of the television and hibernate until the summer returns. If we were in the Northern Hemisphere however, winter would be a really important time as churches, families and communities […]

Practice of the Month: Discernment

‘Christians believe that human beings have the capacity to hear, see, touch, and feel God – a genuine sensing of truth and beauty through which we know God and know God’s will. Christians call this discernment. Some Christians depict this capacity as a supernatural gift, a miraculous directive, or an extraordinary mystical experience. Others view […]

Faith Formation Resources for May available

Each month this year we are thinking about a different Christian practice in our worship, through workshops, and also in our private devotions. Resources to help you think about each theme will be available on this site under the ‘Faith Formation Section’. This month we are thinking about the practice of pastoral care, why we […]

Easter and Holy Week Service Times

Holy Week and Easter Service Times: Thursday 13 April, 6:30pm: A Shared Meal Friday 14 April, 9am: Good Friday Saturday 15 April: church open all day for prayer Sunday 16 April, 9am: Easter Sunday – a celebration of new life!   All are welcome to celebrate