Adult Fellowship Project

Adult Fellowship Project

Members of the Uniting Church Adult Fellowship NSW/ACT group gathered in Crookwell during April to continue to raise funds for their support project, “Transforming Lives Through Leadership – Theological Training for Women in the Pacific”.

Across the Pacific region, churches are central to family and community.  This project aims to raise funds to support women to study theology and move towards ordination, equipping them for leadership within the church.

The service was led by Reverend Noreen Towers, while Daniel preached the story of Elijah handing the mantle to Elisha.

Crookwell Uniting Church was presented with a framed piece of Tapa Cloth, which will be on display for the next twelve months.  The Tapa was a gift to the Uniting Church from Tonga’s Queen Halaevalu Mata’aho in 1984.

While half of the money raised on the day will support the Adult Fellowship Project, the other half will be available to fund local drought relief


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